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We invited Mike to our annual company event. Mike’s content and delivery were absolutely spot on! His keynote and workshops on “You Are the Team” were precisely what we were hoping for and more! Mike is a phenomenal teacher, using stories to drive home the keys of what it takes to be a great teammate. Mike energized our staff from beginning to end. Most important, Mike continues to work with us on exercises to reinforce the learning from the event. This continued follow up, combined with his sensational delivery, separates Mike from other speakers.  We were so very fortunate to have Mike involved in helping us become a better team! ~Marcus Perez – Executive Vice President
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  1. Listed as an Inc. Top 100 Leadership Speaker, Michael is a best-selling author, professional keynote speaker and workshop facilitator with over 20 years of experience in inspiring and building better teams and leaders. Audiences always walk away inspired and even more importantly they walk away with practical concepts they can use to begin their transformational process.
You Are the Team—6 Simple Ways Teammates Can Go from Good to Great
Can you imagine a team with little to no drama, deeper relationships, stronger trust, more effective communication, greater collaboration and bigger and better results?

That kind of team only happens when you put the "I" (COMMITMENT) back into team. 

Like a marriage, if one spouse is committed, but the other lacks commitment, it won’t matter how much therapy or counseling that couple receives, there will always be dysfunction in that relationship until both partners are committed.
Teams at their fundamental core are about relationships. You can throw at your team all of the traditional team building you want and you can be the greatest leader on the planet, but until there is commitment to the team by every member across the board, there will always be some level of dysfunction. 

Michael helps teams create personal commitment, deepen relationships and improve the value that each member of the team brings.

​Your team will learn how to:
- Use selfless service as a vehicle for deepening relationships and building trust with teammates
- Apply the "do unto others" rule for better day to day interactions with teammates
- Courageously and effectively speak more boldly, directly and honestly with teammates
- Own mistakes and put in place a unique process for teammate feedback
- Use specific methods for bringing more positive energy to teams
- Use techniques for developing greater understanding and empathy for teammates
- Use their inherited ability to inspire teammates by amplifying their performance

Keynotes and Four Hour, One Day and Two Day Workshops Available.

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"I enjoyed the teammate angle and I really liked that the principles you taught are so applicable to all aspects of my life.  I've listened to other similar types of presentations on self improvement, leadership, etc, but yours was the first one that made a genuine legitimate impact on my psyche/perspective of how I view others and the world around me.  The stories, videos, and anecdotes you provided were memorable and helpful in learning a given principle."

You Are the Team Video Testimonials

Your workshop kept me engaged and entertained the whole time. I really liked the service aspect of team building, and I know that is something I will strive to do every day. A lot of this stuff I can actually apply to my marriage!!!  Thanks again for taking the time to meet with us! 
I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop! Just a little bit of background on me... I come from the state employment industry and left after 18 years. I helped employer's hire, fire, set up policies etc.  I also was an unemployment adjudicator, so I got to see the not so pleasant realities of employment life.  Your workshop was spot on, and I wish more employer's would implement it.
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