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  1. Listed as an Inc. Top 100 Leadership Speaker, Michael is a professional keynote speaker and workshop facilitator with over 20 years of experience in inspiring and building better teams and leaders. Audiences always walk away with practical tips they can apply immediately.
"I enjoyed the teammate angle and I really liked that the principles you taught are so applicable to all aspects of my life.  I've listened to other similar types of presentations on self improvement, leadership, etc, but yours was the first one that made a genuine legitimate impact on my psyche/perspective of how I view others and the world around me.  The stories, videos, and anecdotes you provided were memorable and helpful in learning a given principle."

"Very humorous and engaging. I liked that you assigned
us tasks to do in the immediate future because often we will have a speaker, and they teach us wonderful things during our meeting, but then there is no follow through.

Video Testimonials

You Are the Team - Workshop

Who Is This For: This workshop is intended anyone who is part of any type of team.
Length: Four Hour, One Day or One and a Half Day Workshops Available
A team is only as good as the commitment of each of its members. You Are the Team is about strengthening the commitment of each member on the team to improve on a personal level. When teammates get better, the team gets better.
​​This engaging, interactive, and practical workshop will inspire members of teams to commit to live and apply the six virtues of great teammates, thereby significantly improving teamwork. Topics based on each of the six virtues in Michael's book You Are the Team can be found below.

  • Be Selfless
    • Serve members of your team
    • Put others and the team first
  • Be Truthful
    • Tell the whole truth
    • Keep commitments by doing what you say you will do
    • Be engaged, direct, and honest in discussions and meetings
  • Be Humble
    • Take accountability for your performance
    • Admit and learn from your mistakes
    • Seek honest feedback from members of your team so you can improve
    • Feel and express gratitude regularly
  • Be Positive
    • Refrain from negativity and gossip
    • Compliment others more
    • Celebrate the successes of team members
  • Be Respectful
    • Extend more kindness towards others
    • Seek to understand before reacting
    • Demonstrate greater empathy towards others
  • Be Great
    • Get it done and then some—go the extra mile
    • Improve your personal focus on goals
    • Bring solutions, not problems
    • Invest in your own personal development
    • Inspire and lead others.​​
Your workshop kept me engaged and entertained the whole time. I really liked the service aspect of team building, and I know that is something I will strive to do every day. A lot of this stuff I can actually apply to my marriage!!!  Thanks again for taking the time to meet with us! 

You Are the Team - Keynote
Would you agree that every member of a team has the potential to be great? Michael does! However, the sad reality is that, oftentimes, team members are performing far below their potential and are consequently holding their teams and organizations back from being extraordinary.

Based off his book, You Are the Team, Michael delivers an entertaining, engaging, inspiring, and practical keynote that will motivate every member of your organization to be better—to go from good to great.​

Michael’s Key Messages:

- In the center of a successful team, you find the hearts of its members who are selfless, service-focused, and caring.​

- Teammates trust other teammates who tell the truth; do what they say they will do; and who aren’t afraid to engage with the team in a direct, bold, and respectful manner.​

- Humble teammates make everyone better by taking accountability for their team roles and actions, learning from mistakes, seeking out regular feedback from teammates, and practicing gratitude.

- Positive energy on teams starts with one positive teammate.

- Team relationships are dramatically improved when teammates respect one another.

- By the steady application of small and simple things, team members can become great.

Are these messages you want those in your organization to hear? 

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop! Just a little bit of background on me... I come from the state employment industry and left after 18 years. I helped employer's hire, fire, set up policies etc.  I also was an unemployment adjudicator, so I got to see the not so pleasant realities of employment life.  Your workshop was spot on, and I wish more employer's would implement it.
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