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I started this book and it was difficult to put it down. I read it not once but three times on my last trip. This book is exactly what I need for my team. I want to make sure each one of my team members have an opportunity to read this inspiring book on teamwork. It is an excellent, easy to read and full of wonderful powerful motivation stories that can make you feel good about yourself and your team. ~Fred Thomas, VP of Sales, ArcOne
Traditionally books written about teams have focused on helping leaders improve teamwork. "You Are the Team" is focused on helping members of teams improve teamwork. It includes practical applications and inspiration to improve the commitment of every member of every type of team.

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​​For special pricing on bulk purchases of both the book and workbook click here

When Michael sat down to write You Are the Team, he wanted to write a book that would literally change each member of the team and make every leader's job easier. He wanted to write a book that could be easily understood by anyone reading it, a book that was inspiring—even life changing, a book that was engaging and a book that could be quickly applied by every member of a team. 

How did he do this? He included in the book many inspiring and sometimes funny stories to highlight each of the important concepts to engage every type and level of reader. He created introspective questions at the end of each section to challenge team members to reflect on their personal commitment to the team. And he included 27 questions and five open ended questions at the back of the book to assess the readers effectiveness as a teammate. 

You Are the Team focuses on what Michael calls the 6 B's of being an effective teammate which are to Be Selfless, Trustworthy, Humble, Positive, Respectful and Great

Inspire Members of Your Team to:

  • Serve each other
  • Put others and the team first 
  • Always tell the truth and be transparent 
  • Keep commitments 
  • Be direct and honest in discussions 
  • Take accountability 
  • Learn from mistakes 
  • Seek honest feedback from teammates 
  • Improve personal gratitude 
  • Refrain from negativity and gossip ​​
This book improved both my personal and business life. I was looking for ways to make a good team great and I found it here. Thanks Mike for sharing your wisdom and experience to help make us all better individuals and better team members.Mike Singleton—Senior VP, EBUSINESS STRATEGIES
  • Compliment teammates more 
  • Celebrate teammates successes 
  • Extend more kindness ​
  • Seek to understand first before reacting ​​​
  • Demonstrate greater empathy towards teammates 
  • Get it done and then some 
  • Improve personal focus on goals 
  • Bring solutions, not problems 
  • Invest in personal development 
  • Inspire and lead
This the companion workbook to the book, You Are the Team.

The You Are the Team workbook is a self-study guide that includes introspective questions and activities for each of the six virtues talked about in the book. T

The purpose of the workbook is to help members of teams create plans and apply what is taught in the book. 

If you want a way your team can further practice and apply the concepts in the book, this guide is an invaluable resource. Go here to get your copy of the workbook .