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A book for you, your team and entire organization. This is a team building book that is meant to be read together. With a number of engaging stories, practical tips and introspective questions at the end each section, your team will be inspired to dramatically change how they work together.

And your job will become A LOT EASIER as members of your team are inspired to:
  • Serve each other
  • Put others and the team first
  • Always tell the truth and be transparent 
  • Keep commitments 
  • Be direct and honest in discussions 
  • Take accountability 
  • Learn from mistakes 
  • Seek honest feedback from teammates 
  • Improve personal gratitude 
  • Refrain from negativity and gossip

  • Compliment teammates more
  • Celebrate teammates successes 
  • Extend more kindness 
  • Seek to understand first before reacting 
  • Demonstrate greater empathy towards teammates 
  • Get it done and then some 
  • Improve personal focus on goals 
  • Bring solutions, not problems 
  • Invest in personal development 
  • Inspire and lead

Would you agree that the above actions improve teamwork? Would even just a couple of these improve how your team works together?

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A Few Testimonials (Many more on Amazon)
"I started this book and it was difficult to put it down. I read it not once but three times on my last trip. This book is exactly what I need for my team. I want to make sure each one of my team members have an opportunity to read this inspiring book on teamwork. It is an excellent, easy to read and full of wonderful powerful motivation stories that can make you feel good about yourself and your team." Fred Thomas, VP of Sales, ArcOne
This book has inspired me to be a better team member! I have already become a better manager because of it. I have implemented a number of the suggestions, specifically being positive and celebrating a team members success in front of everyone. It was fun to watch the positive chain reaction of events take place by the simple act of celebrating another team member publicly. ~Jeffrey Fawcett. Training Manager, Wine Country Gift Baskets
This is a must read... Huge value. Great reference. I intend to purchase a copy or "You are the Team" for each of my board members. ~Randall Thompson

About the Author

 Michael Rogers is the author of You Are the Team—6 Simple Ways Teammates Can Go from Good to Great, and he is an Inc. Top 100 Leadership speaker.
Michael is president of The Teamwork and Leadership Company , a workshop and consulting group focused on building better teams and leaders. As a speaker, trainer, and consultant, Michael has worked with hundreds of senior and middle level leaders in building more effective teams. In your biography, the company name is just Teamwork and Leadership… which one is it? I’d keep it consistent between the two.
His blog, Teamwork and Leadership, regularly ranks in the top ten blogs in leadership and has a monthly following of over 30,000.
Michael resides with his wife, Terri, in beautiful Cedar City, Utah. They have been married for 30 years and have six sons (one daughter-in-law), two daughters (two son-in-laws), and seven grandchildren.